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 Selection Standards and Training
Standards and Training for Corrections Program
State of California
Corrections Standards Authority

Standards and Guidelines for the Selection of Entry-level Adult Corrections Officers, Juvenile Corrections Officers, and Probation Officers Employed by Local Corrections Agencies

Forward: Local Corrections agencies throughout California that voluntarily choose to participate in the Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) Program agree to select and train their corrections staff according to the standards and guidelines promulgated through the STC Program, operated by the State of California, Corrections Standards Authority. (Note: the Corrections Standards Authority differs from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.) All standards and guidelines outlined below are subject to the needs and circumstances of each local corrections agency in accordance with applicable employment law.

Regulations: Regulations that describe the selection standards are found in Title 15, particularly Sections 130, 131, and 132. Please refer to these sections through the hyperlink provided.

Written Selection Exams:

The Corrections Standards Authority has developed validated selection examinations for the positions of entry-level Adult Corrections Officer, Juvenile Corrections Officer and Probation Officer. There is a separate exam for each position. The exams are made available to STC Program participating agencies through Cooperative Personnel Services. Each test takes approximately two (2) hours and consists of multiple choice questions related to the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics necessary for an applicant to possess prior to employment. These exams have been developed based on a comprehensive statewide job analysis, an extensive validation process conducted in accordance with federal and state employment law , as well as in compliance with professional standards for this type of research.

Candidate Orientation Booklets: Candidate Orientation Booklets are available for each exam. These booklets provide an overview of the exam format and some sample questions. The booklets are not intended to be a study guide but rather are aimed at reducing test anxiety and giving candidates some information about what to expect on the test. Please hyperlink below to the Candidate Orientation Booklet(s) of your choosing.

  • Candidate Orientation Booklet - Probation Officer
    PDF Format
  • Candidate Orientation Booklet - Adult Corrections Officer
    PDF Format
  • Candidate Orientation Booklet - Juvenile Corrections Officer
    PDF Format

Scoring: The test results are available to local agencies as a global score for the entire test. Based on the research conducted to develop the written selection exams, the Board of Corrections provides a recommended range of passing score points for use by local corrections agencies. The final determination of the pass point is made by the local agency.

Medical Screening Guidelines: The Corrections Standards Authority has developed guidelines for use by examining physicians in their assessment of physical fitness of candidates for each of the three entry-level positions. The purpose of the medical screening is to identify candidates on a case-by-case basis who may have physical conditions that contraindicate their ability to safely perform specific activities on the job. The Board of Corrections recommends that the job requirements checklist provided in each guideline be tailored to reflect those physical skills being used in the particular local agency. Please hyperlink below to select the screening guideline of your choosing.

Vision and Hearing Guidelines: The vision and hearing guidelines developed by the Corrections Standards Authority are not empirically determined vision or hearing standards. That is, they do not represent criteria below which all, or substantially all, persons will be unable to perform the job. They do represent the combined judgment of many professionals as to the visual and auditory abilities required by the demands of each of the entry-level positions. Please hyperlink below to select the guideline.

Core Training Courses: The Corrections Standards Authority, in concert with local corrections agencies, has developed standardized curriculum for each of the three entry-level positions. The objectives, outline and topical sequence is contained in the below listed manuals. Please hyperlink to those manuals.

  • Knowledge/Skill Map - Juvenile Corrections Officer (Under construction)
  • Physical Skills Manual - Juvenile Corrections Officer (Under construction)


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